Star Trek Adventures: A Sea of Troubles

Episode 2: Brave New World, Pt. 2

Entry by Cmdr. Olimund Delai (male Betazoid), First Officer U.S.S. Shakespeare

First Officer's Log, Stardate 48269.0 (April 10, 2371)

Lt. Commander Svelt has been attacked on the mining planet, but was rescued by Ensign Muscles. The Captain's away team have discovered that the ancient starship Tesla, along with their cryogenically-frozen human crewmen, must be sent back in time to crash on and colonize this planet. The science team is currently working on a method for utilizing the energy from the surrounding tachyon field to achieve this.

Unfortunately, it seems that one of our own crew members, Ensign James T. Smith, is also among those who must go back with the Tesla. He has accepted this responsibility, out of obligation to the Temporal Prime Directive. Part of his duties will be to guarantee that the ship crashes in the proper location, and then to discretely use his advanced engineering knowledge to help the colony develop an advanced system-spanning civilization within a mere 500 years with access to scant resources.

The most disturbing detail of this account is the realization that a Romulan vessel, the T'Chakma, will be destroyed and a shuttlecraft from it will also crash on this planet. Ensign Smith will, it seems, help to repair the ship within a year, giving them the ability to travel the system. This is how they are able to efficiently get access to the resources to build an array of solar-power gathering satellites throughout the system, providing them the energy needed for their technological advancement.

I wish him well. To accept such a mission truly represents the finest that Starfleet can hope to achieve.


The mission has been successful. Ensign Smith has been lost to the past it seems.

Captain Ral has informed me that when things stabilize here, she will be taking the Shakespeare back to Narendra station to provide an in-person report. I will remain in command here, coordinating work of the engineering team that is helping to stabilize the warp field on this society's first interstellar warp vessel: The Elon.


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