Star Trek Adventures: A Sea of Troubles

Episode 3: This Sceptered Isle (recap)

Introducing Narendra Station, Captain Ral's death

Entry by Dr. Joal Imonim [male Trill (unjoined), rank: Lt., Shakespeare Ship's Counsellor]

Counsellor's Log, Stardate #######.# (April 27, 2371)

Tragedy has struck the ship. It will take all of my training to help support the crew through these difficult times. Our captain has died. A senseless death at the hands of a vengeful madman.

We arrived at Narendra Station per our orders, and were greeted by Admiral April Hebert, who commended us at our handling of the situation with the Teslans. The Captain remained behind for a full debrief, while the remainder of the bridge crew were granted shore leave to explore Narendra Station. We discovered some fun activities, like a gaming store called Gamer's Sto-vo-kor, Klingon bars (depending on your definition of fun), and an intriguing little jazz club.

This merriment, though, was cut short when a Klingon criminal and terrorist named K'Vesh attacked the station. K'Vesh as seeking vengeance for the death of his father, a Klingon criminal known as the Albino.

Sadly, in his first wave of attacks, an explosion resulted in the death of Captain Ral. Her body was rescued by the heroic actions of Ensign Muscles. Nurse M'Rala and myself identified that the Ral symbiote was alive, but had taken massive radiation damage. Unfortunately, the symbiote's healing properties require drawing resources from a host body. The only physically and psychologically-viable host among our crew is the quarter-Trill Ensign Muscles, and he agreed to have the symbiote implanted.

Meanwhile, Lt. Shran and Lt. Cmdr. Geshoni both worked to defuse bombs, preventing additional damage and loss of life. Lt. Shran's bomb went off, injuring her, but she survived and the damage was minimal.

Lt. Cmdr. Svelt, with the aid of the Klingon K'vok, tracked down Kor, the Klingon that K'Vesh was seeking to extract vengeance from for the death of his father. While Svelt distracted K'Vesh, attempting to negotiate a peaceful resolution, K'vok was able to slip near him and use some sort of jamming device to block the deadman switch that would have set off the remaining explosives. Kor attacked K'Vesh with a mekleth dagger, but K'Vesh then called to beam back to his ship. (Presumably, the jammer blocked only the narrow frequencies of the jammer.)

Lt. Cmdr. Geshoni, Lt. Cmdr. Svelt, and Lt. Shran were called to Admiral Hebert's office. Shortly after their meeting, word came that our stay was cut short and we had new orders, under the command of Acting Captain Geshoni.

Tension among the crew is high. I have faith we will rise to the challenge, but I am alert for what I can do to help lift the load from Geshoni's shoulders. It is situations like this that Starfleet has implemented the presence of Counselors on our ships, after all.


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